Thereminus Rex


Thereminus Rex



Thereminus Rex is a giant, blinky pseudo-theremin that you dirty hippies play by using your whole body, or your friend’s body, or your friends’ bodies.

Thereminus Rex lives to disprove the propaganda we’ve been taught that you need talent and skills to create enchanting music.

T. Rex allows anyone to create beautiful (if only to them) musical sounds by miming, hula-hooping, stretching, vigorous gesticulating, or dancing in front of a set of proximity sensors that control the pitch and volume (within reason!) of the sounds emitted. A quiet-time mode enables the users to control the speed and brightness of lights on the structure to provide a more contemplative experience. Different types of sound outputs can be selected by the user as well.

The placement of the optical sensors will be far enough apart that, while you can operate T. Rex by yourself, you can hone the creative output much better by interacting with a friend.

Even T.Rex’s need to eat. If you’d like to support the creation and life of Thereminus Rex, please use one of the followig links.

All donations will get a shoutout on this page!


Thank you to all of the following wonderful individuals for their help on this project.

  • The entire CATS crew of Apo - your hard work on the grant process is appreciated!
  • Timothy Holmberg - The LED Fairy
  • SparkFun Electronics - the workspace, tools, and brilliant individuals there is a resource bar none. More to come!

Build Instructions

Coming soon after Apogaea 2017!

Thereminus Rex is currently in the process of assembling and becoming self aware. The entire process is being documented, and will be available here.

You can follow the code updates on GitHub.